For many years, the concept of a website can be considered the same as a business card, in which it offers contact details and location information of the business. However, following the global pandemic caused by Coronavirus, the way in which people engage with websites has changed dramatically.

Although websites have always been important, some professionals may have put more effort into their brick and mortar side of the business, which is completely understandable. However, given the many restrictions put in place, brick and mortar stores have struggled due to their online presence not being the best.

An excellent example of how even the most popular businesses are suffering can be seen with the Arcadia Group. The reek company is responsible for several high street outlets, including Topman, Burtons and Dorothy Perkins.

Due to COVID-19, the Arcadia Group has decided to temporarily close all its stores. Of course, these outlets do have websites, but they have not been fine-tined to meet the demands of an online audience.
This does not mean that businesses should be fearful of Coronavirus, but rather find a new way of working.

Why Is the Right Online Prescence Important When Making Changes?

During lockdown, many people will have witnessed a slew of different online activities, including workshops, quizzes and musical performances. These are activities that suddenly find more traction online following the pandemic, and all have one feature in common, a strong online presence.

There are also several businesses that have transformed an existing business into an online one, including personal trainers and counselling.
Having the appropriate online presence not only ensures that temporary changes can be communicated to customers in the right way, but it also allows the business to prosper moving forwards.

4 Further Benefits of Creating a Strong Online Prescence

For some, bulling an online presence can appear like significant work, and in some instances it can be. However, once the work has been carried out, businesses are introduced to several benefits of acquiring a strong online presence, which include but are not limited to the following.

  • Enjoy a Larger Audience

Although many have a website, not many customers may know they exist, which is counterproductive. Taking the time to ensure that the business website is optimised for success allows you to contact more prospective customers, which often means increased turnover as a result.

  • Build Your Brand Easily

Those wanting to promote their brand will often spend countless hours creating social media posts and forum entries but having a strong website can be the strongest tool in your arsenal when it comes to brand awareness.

Although there will be a requirement to use other platforms including LinkedIn and Facebook, a strong website ensures customers can find out all they need to know about your brand with one click, as opposed to searching several social media posts.

  • Build Trust with Customers

Although there are many reputable companies, there are just as many that may be underhand in the way they operate. As such, some can be wary of using a business or service provider if they are not able to verify its contact details or location.

A strong online presence will ensure that all the information that the customer is looking for can be found in one place, as well as easily souring contact details should they need to contact the business to make further enquiries.

  • Promote Products and Services with Ease

Social media platforms are brilliant for allowing people to browse products and services available, but only those with a responsive website that details all products and services can yield the benefits of the online world. As well as being able to clearly detail all inventory, listings can also include keywords to ensure those searching for your products or service find the website with ease.

3 Steps to Creating a Strong Online Prescence

Given how important a strong online presence is, many will be keen to get started. The path taken can depend on the nature of the business, but some of the most important aspects are as follows.

  • Create a Responsive and Captivating Website

Creating a website is one thing, creating a responsive and captivating website is something else altogether. To ensure that you’re getting the best traction online, a business website needs to offer a positive user experience and rapid loading time, as well as being optimised to ensure the business is matched with the appropriate search terms.

  • Create a Solid Social Media Strategy

Some may be using their social media channels sporadically, but to ensure you’re getting the most leverage online, you should ensure you create a social media strategy that allows you to ascertain what type of content should be posted, as well what times the posts have the most impact.

  • Do Not Overlook Your Media

Regardless of whether you are including photos, videos or both on the website, you need to ensure that the quality is high. Product descriptions are important but lack the impact if the accompanying photo or video is deemed lacklustre.

If it has been some time since you reviewed what media are being used, then now could be a good time, especially among those wanting to take advantage of the opportunities online.
Of course, not every business will have the expertise needed to create a string online presence Fortunately, there are many companies available that can offer affordable and effective services that help propel your business to the top of search results as well as increasing sales and establishing trust with customers.

Regardless of whether you want to update your website or create content that will have the desired effect with prospective customers, feel free to contact Integral Web to discuss your requirements in more detail.


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