It is understandable that many assume that all forms of copywriting are the same, and to some extent it can be. However, to get the best from your online presence you need to ensure that you are using the correct form of copywriting that not only takes advantage of keywords, but can also meet the strict guidelines put in place by Google.

Many people begin their online journey with an idea of what type of content they want, but being more aware of the options available allows you to make an informed decision as to what form of copywriting suits yours business best.

Service Pages

In instances where a website has been created to promote a business, service pages will be an important addition. These offer a breakdown of the services offered by the business, as well as om the benefits they can potentially offer customers.

As well as allowing customers to garner a better understanding of the business, the service pages can also be optimised to ensure that the business is making the right connections online.


Blogs are an excellent addition to web content, as they allow a business to build a closer relationship with customers via the use of engaging content. For example, a business offering a pest control service could deliver regular blog entries that detail the tell-tale signs of infestations, while detailing what the business can do to combat the problem.

Using blogs also allows a business to make use of more keywords, which can help increase the number of visitors that click through to the website.

Press Releases

When launching a new product or services, there will be often be a necessity to create a press release. A press release is essentially an official statement issued to media outlets. Press releases should be easy-to-read and at a length the ensures engagement does not waver.

The content produced should evoke a journalistic tone that outlines all the benefits and highlights of a business that creates a positive image for the company.

Product Descriptions

At first glance, the creation of product descriptions may seem straightforward, but there can be several factors that need to be considered beforehand. For example, many product descriptions must meet a strict word count, and there can be significant information that needs to be relayed.

The information that needs to be included within product descriptions can include the weight of the item as well as the colour, while ensuring the description offers an unbiased representation of the product or service on offer.

Technical Writing

Although less common than other forms of copywriting, technical copy is still a necessity for many. Technical writing can take on several forms, including instructions, employee guides and promotional content.

Technical writing will require more research than other forms of copywriting due to the way the information will be used. Any information deemed irrelevant or false can be detrimental to businesses.

Social Media Posts

To find the best traction online, many will use social media platforms in tandem with their website efforts. Social media posts are short bursts of content that are created solely for those viewing on social media.

As well as allowing a business to stay connected with businesses via social networks like Facebook and Instagram, businesses can also include links to content that offer detailed insight.

Creative Copywriting

When attempting to make a website stand out, creative writing can be the perfect way of achieving this. Being creative allows a business to build an organic relationship with customers and allows them to communicate an idea in a memorable and competitive way.

Creative copywriting can include the creation of mascots or the inclusion of humour, which can allow for more traction regarding online conversions.

Digital Copywriting

Regardless of whether you want to create a sales page that encourages online visitors to make a purchase or you want to ensure that online adverts are having the desired effect, using digital copywriting can make all the difference.

Given the information presented should not be overwhelming, digital copywriting ensures that as much information is given without it being confusing to those reading the information.

The Benefits of Bespoke Copywriting

When exploring the online wilderness for solutions to content creation, there are many services available. For example, there is software available that can generate content automatically for a low monthly fee. Although affordable, this process will normally require significant editing, as it is generated using existing content with synonyms used.

This also means the information being relayed is available in better quality elsewhere online. Using a bespoke copywriter allows a business to create content that is relevant, engaging while not running foul of any Google penalties.

Google and other search engines want to ensure that their online users are being met with relevant and engaging content, and content that has been rearranged is unlikely to achieve this.
Using bespoke copywriting services also allows a business to build a natural relationship with customers, be it via the use of humour, or offering regular content that can help make life easier.


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